1.7 Further settings
Setting the language and specifying a redirect URL in the query parameters


You can specify the language of the iframe with the lang parameter, e.g. &lang=en. Currently the options are:
  • en
  • de

Redirect URL

You can redirect from the iframe to any page (e.g. back to your main integration page, if you're using native embed) by adding redirect_url as a query parameter, e.g. &redirect_url=https://www.your-page.com/integrations
The embed user will be redirect to that URL whenever:
  • a flow has been enabled
  • a flow has been disabled, or
  • the delete all integration data button has been clicked
In this way the user will be redirected whenever they completed an action in the iframe.

Debug mode

By adding debug=true as a query parameter, you can see Connector Authentication fields which are hidden for end users in Embed, such as a custom base domain (only hidden for some Connectors) or alternative scope options.